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The duo of Assif and Tatsuya started 13 years ago getting together once a week every sunday to play in Astor place, downtown Manhattan. After a year and many coins thrown into the hat they put out their first of three CD's, “Come Sunday” (followed by – “Solitude” and “I got it Bad” ). Even after stopping their weekly meeting they continue their collaboration, playing and touring. After years of playing together their musical interactions are telepathic and mystical.


“Sax-player Assif Tsahar has a very distinct profile as a musician. With his own bands or with the Digital Primitives, his voice is one of soul, of the pleasure of sound, the joy of rhythm or the fun of the interplay with like-minded musicians. Drummer and percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani is also a musical nomad living in the US, and his style is more cerebral with an approach that is more in the moment than Tsahar's linear progression, yet both are story-tellers of a different nature, but the interaction is excellent.” - the free jazz collective


“The two opt for minimal means to create music. Just a few meditative blows, colorful touches, poetic spirit, telepathic communication and a playful sense of adventure. Fascinating music, rich with imagination, colors and trust. “

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